Farm Protection

Farm Insurance to protect property, equipments, crops and consumers

Farmers just like home owners and car owners are required to have their property protected adequately.  Having the right coverage is likely to cover all your operations and ensure that your farm is not lost due to any unfortunate accident. There are present different types of insurances from which you can choose.

Harrington Insurance has been in the domain since 1932, is well established and offers you with every type of policy. The protection provided by the company can help you to be compensated properly, in case your crops get damaged due to natural disaster making you to suffer loss of property. This also covers equipment including feed and animals, dwelling coverage, loss of product, detached garages and barns, irrigation systems, etc.

Different types

Peril coverage tends to cover your property, especially against risks like theft, floods, hail and lighting. It takes care of all types of risks, which are generally out of human control, causing usually massive loss. Furthermore, it can also help to cover livestock against perils like drowning and electrocution. Being a reputed insurance company, we can assist you in being compensated for the livestock, products, machinery and equipment.

On the other hand, crop insurance is provided to safeguard you against failure of crops. As crop production is considered to be reliant on prevailing weather conditions, it would be tough on your part to predict your harvest. It is for this reason, you need to have your crops to be protected, so as to get the most appropriate compensation, if there is poor harvest due to poor weather conditions.

Liability insurance

At the same time, it is necessary to understand liability insurance and how it works. It helps to cover your employees against all accidents which might unfortunately occur. Even consumers are covered, if any of them get sick from consuming products. Also, your commercial vehicle and the driver which could be damaged for any reason during transit are adequately covered.

Our representatives know as to which policy would be comprehensive for taking care of all your risks and provide you with ample protection.