Car, Boat and Motorcycle Coverage

Auto/Car insurance – Its purpose and benefits

It is a necessity more than a luxury these days for people to own a car, for going to work or for commercial purposes. Auto or car insurance tends to refers to all types of vehicles like cars, two wheelers, trucks along with other types of vehicles that ply on road. Primary purpose is to provide compensation to vehicle owners, if there is any physical damage caused to the vehicle and bodily injury which results from car accidents. Moreover, it also covers expenses that arise from liabilities, thereon. In the U.S., it is compulsory for all vehicle owners to have insurance at the time of buying a vehicle and to have it renewed from time to time.

Insurance exclusively for business vehicles

Entrepreneurs having fleet of vehicles may have specific concerns, when purchasing coverage. This is because, commercial vehicles are used for different purposes when compared to regular commuter vehicles, thereby making regular insurance unsuitable in most situations. We understand and recognize your needs as an entrepreneur and provide comprehensive and custom packages to protect your fleets.

Another important aspect that is to be considered while trying to shop for commercial auto insurance is the business type itself. What work the vehicle is supposed to perform, is likely to influence greatly, the type of coverage, the premium to be paid, etc. We at Harrington insurance have the right solutions to meet all your requirements.

Moreover, physical location also is a vital deciding factor on the coverage type to be availed for the commercial vehicle.  Most states are known to have different necessities in regards to the safeguards required by the vehicle’s owner.

Covering risks

You can easily get quotes over the web or you can call our qualified representatives who are waiting eagerly for your call. We are flexible enough to offer you with the best protection of different types and from different companies to cover your immediate and long term requirements. It is necessary to understand that there is present no coverage which is considered to be one-size-fits-all situation. Harrington Insurance thereby provides you with customized and cheap car insurance to ensure you have a safe driving experience.

Boat / Motorcycle insurance and its benefits

If you are the owner of a boat, then it would be a wonderful idea to go for a boat liability insurance. Not only it helps to protect you from damage, theft ad other things, it also helps you to have peace of mind. There are two types of coverage which is generally provided to boat owners, like Assessed value and Actual cash value. Each of them are said to come with its own benefits. Therefore, it is essential for you as an owner to understand the details and to select the one which would be most appropriate for you. Finding and purchasing a policy can prove to be just a snap by making use of a local agent and the web. Harrington Insurance offers you with a comprehensive boat policy that can help you to use your boat without any worry, since you are adequately covered against all risks.

Enhanced protection

If you are seeking the very best protection and safety for your boat, then having liability coverage is considered to be the key towards deriving happiness in owing a boat. The reason is that it helps to protect you and your property, having it replaced in case, of damage from or total loss faced due to fire, vandalism, theft, collision, storms, etc. By having the right boat policy, you can be assured that you are getting the much required protection that is required and not have to worry, if something unfortunate takes place.

Actual cash value and Assessed value

Actual Cash Value: Here, the value gets assessed at time of loss, where you get paid on the existing market value.

Assessed Value: This type of boat insurance is based upon an agreed amount, in case, there is a loss of property. It just covers a set amount.

Selecting Motorcycle insurance

If you own a motorcycle and love to use it, then you need to understand that for riding on the roads of the city or its outskirts, you require a license as well as an insurance. You need to provide it with adequate protection and not take risk of having insufficient coverage. The different types of policies that are generally provided are Third Party property damage coverage, comprehensive motorcycle insurance, vintage, veteran and classic type insurance coverage. You can select the one which best fits your requirements and preferences.

  • Comprehensive motorcycle insurance offers you with complete coverage. It also includes offering your bike with full cover and covering damages which you may cause to other’s property using your bike.
  • Third party property motorcycle insurance is a kind of insurance which helps to cover other’s vehicle and their property. However, it will not offer any protection for your bike.
  • Vintage, classic and veteran insurance can be regarded to be a type that offers coverage for those bikes which are more than 15 years and are mostly used for recreational and hobby purpose only.

Harrington Insurance offers you with all types of motorcycle and boat policies to help you protect your property and to safeguard you from all financial risks.